Concert Music


Daily Warm-ups

  • Your daily warm-ups are composed by Ms. Blevins! The purpose of these warm-ups is to prepare the body and mind for rehearsal. The warm-ups include long tones and the first five notes that you learn in Essential Elements. Our more advance warm-ups include cromatic notes and lots of accidentals!


  • Anasazi is a piece with lots of accidentals by John Edmonson. The piece references the long lost Anasazi tribe who lived in the Southwestern United States region.

 Bell Canyon March

  • Bell Canyon March is a fast and fun march that was composed by John O’Reilly. It features the flutes and oboes, cornets, and percussion sections!

Needle In A Haystack

  • Needle In A Haystack is a fast paced composition by Joseph Compello. It has lots of eighth notes and a catchy melody that no one can resist.


Trumpets Royale

  • Trumpets Royale is a fan favorite that was composed by Joseph Compello. This piece, which features the cornets, is fit for a royal court!

Additional Descriptions Coming Soon!

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