Student Work

Junior High Wavin’ Flag Project (March 2016)

Students enjoyed painting flags that had colors and symbols that were significant to them.


6A General Music Orff Instrument Podcast (2-26-15)

6A performs “Swishy Feet”.

7B/8B General Music Orff Instrument Podcast (2-21-15)

7B performs “See Dees”.

7B performs “Swishy Feet”.

7B performs “Hey, Hey Jam”

8B performs “See Dees”.

8A General Music Piano Podcast (2-21-15)

Destiny performs “Ode to Joy”.

Destiny performs “This Is Not Jingle Bells”.

Destiny performs “Skipping In Space”.

De’whon performs “Ode to Joy”.

8A General Music Piano Podcast (2-13-15)

Amya performs “Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs.

Hannah performs “Classic Dance”.

Destinee performs “Haunted Mouse”.

Destiny performs “Firefly”.

Omar performs “Rodeo”.

Eric & Jaron perform “I’ve Got Music”.

Katia performs “Firefly”.