General Music Curriculum

Units of Study


  • Vocal Exploration and Beat
  • Fast & Slow, Loud & Soft
  • Sound & No Sound, Short and Long Sounds
  • High & Low, Question & Answer
  • What is a Concert?

First Grade

  • Singing Games Galore
  • Learning the Written Language of Music
  • Sing Me a Story
  • Concert Etiquette

Second Grade

  • Note Reading 1: Mr. Everybody’s Musical Apartment
  • The Orff Source 1
  • Melodic Contour

Third Grade

  • Note Reading 2: Mr. Everybody’s Musical Apartment
  • The Orff Source 2
  • Creative & Patterned Movement

Fourth Grade

  • Recorder Rocks! Level 1
  • Instruments of the Band and Orchestra
  • The Elements of Music and Game Design Project

Fifth Grade

  • Recorder Rocks! Level 2
  • Concert Design Project
  • Music Composition Project

Sixth Grade

  • Music Listening: Listening for Understanding
  • Music Performance: Ukulele
  • Music Technology: GarageBand Commercial Jingle

Seventh Grade

  • Listening to Music & Songwriting
  • Music Performance: ORFFestra
  • Music Technology: DJ Project

Eighth Grade

  • Listening to Music: Song Analysis & Review
  • Music Performance: Marching Band Technique
  • Music Technology: Broadcast Journalism


A Word About Concerts

Students will have at minimum of one concert each school year. Live performance is an important part of being a musician and is a great way to celebrate the process of making music. CONCERT ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY for all students. Students who are unable to attend day or evening concerts due to an excused absence, illness, family emergency, religious beliefs, etc. may complete an alternative project to make up their concert grade.


Many of our classroom materials have been acquired through DonorsChoose. DonorChoose is a non-profit organization that helps connect teachers with supporters who are interested in enriching students’ learning experiences in the classroom. These supports provide funds for the purchase of materials, supplies, and instruments. Check out some of Ms. Negrusz’s completed Donors Choose projects.

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Current Projects

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Example Project

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