7 Practice Tips For Success

Here are seven practice tips that will help you practice at home. If you have any questions about practicing, leave me a comment at the bottom of the page.


1.    Find a practice spot!

Your practice spot should be a quiet place that is free of distractions where you can concentrate. When playing at home you should sit on a flat chair and use a music stand to hold your music.

 2.    Set at a schedule.

Pick a time of day, such as after dinner, and stick to it every day. This will become a habit and will be part of your routine.

3.    Time yourself.

Always practice for the recommended amount of time. Not practicing enough may mean that will not be prepared for your next lesson. Practicing for too long may lead to discomfort or injury.


4.    Practice with a purpose.

Read your lesson log assignment before practicing. Your lesson assignment tells you exactly what you need to practice to  prepare for your next lesson.

5.    Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Play each song at least three (3) times before moving on.

6.    Break it down.

If you make a mistake do not go back to the beginning of the song. Work on the section that is most challenging for you. After you work on this section play the entire song again.


7.    Use a pencil.

Circle special signs and symbols and write in reminders.

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